About Our Company

ECPrinting has been in business since 1955. Starting as a commercial offset printer, we have progressed into a full service book printing company. For over 30 years we have been shipping and printing high quality books throughout the US.

We use the latest digital and offset printing technology to produce our books. Our high quality binding and printing equipment allow us to supply our customers with books they can be proud of.

How we are different...

In recent years many companies have popped up on the internet offering services for the self publisher. Many of these companies offer “print on demand” publishing services and claim that you will retain all of the rights to your book.

Most of these companies work with their authors on a royalty based system and charge a substantial package fee to get your book ready to be printed. If a book is sold, the author receives a small royalty. If authors wish to sell their books themselves at book fairs or send out copies for review to magazine or catalog reviewers, they are required to purchase their own books at nearly the retail price (which is usually determined by the print on demand publisher at unusually high prices).

ECPrinting does not operate on a royalty based system. Our goal is to provide self publishers and small publishing companies with high quality book printing at an affordable price. We have an honest and up-front pricing system. We will give you a rock solid estimate on your project before we proceed. There are no hidden costs or surprises. We are not brokers. The books we produce are printed and bound at our facility.

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